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Deck Staining Flat Rock

Transform your Asheville deck from drab to fab with a specialized makeover courtesy of Treadway’s Lawn Care and Pressure Washing. Our deck staining pros will revive any outdoor space – so get ready for the ultimate upgrade! We know just what to do to breathe new life into your deck, so don’t go spend a fortune on new lumber (have you seen those prices?) trying to rebuild your deck when you can restore it!

Neglected decks take a beating from UV rays and rain, leading to faded colors, cracked boards, split seams – not to mention the risk of warping.Getting your deck into tip-top shape can take some time, but all good things do. After giving it a thorough scrub, you’ll have to wait before taking the last steps of sealing. But with patience and prepping comes rewards – an impressive looking space that will withstand weathering for longer!

Tackling deck staining solo can be a daunting task, but why not make life simpler and leave it to the pros? Let Treadway’s Lawn Care and Pressure Washing lend their professional expertise for superior results. The easiest way to tell if the wood is ready for the next step is to do a water test. We’ll place a few drops of water on your deck and see if it soaks into the wood right away. If so, it’s time to seal it! While your deck may still need a fresh wood treatment, if the  water beads on your deck, you may not need to worry about sealing just yet.

How Does Asheville Deck Staining Work?

You’re ready to bring your deck back to its original state and charm but curious about how the process works. We get it, and we’re happy to explain it:

  • Clean – Let us take care of bringing your deck back to life with our comprehensive restoration process. From light scrubbing’ to deep cleaning’, we have just the right solution for giving your beloved outdoor space a new lease on life!

No matter the age or state of your deck, we can make it feel new again! Our cleaning step of this process will have you set up to enjoy a freshly stained masterpiece.

  • Prep – After the cleaning is complete, the prep work can begin. Depending on the state of the deck, we’ll choose from a light sanding or go all out with complete strip and scrape plus sand for an immaculate finish.
  • Stain – With so many stains to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry – we are here to help! We will provide you with all the information necessary for selecting the perfect stain and guide you through each step of this process.

Regardless if you already know exactly which stain you want to go with or need a little help choosing, we’ll ensure your project turns out to be everything you hoped for and more.

The Benefits of Staining Your Deck

Keep your deck in top shape and maintain its aesthetic for years to come with a simple solution: Deck staining. Protecting wood from the elements can be tricky, but this technique is sure to provide long-lasting results that will keep it looking beautiful season after season. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Enhanced Appearance – Enhance the unique expression of your wood’s texture and grain with a range of stain options. From semi-transparent to full coverage, you can find the perfect way to highlight its beauty while protecting it from weathering elements.

With various tints available, your stained deck can be seamlessly blended into the overall aesthetic of your home while remaining true to its natural wood beauty.

  • Protects Against the Sun – Sunlight can have an unrelenting effect on your deck, causing fading and weakening of the wood. If left untreated, it will eventually warp and splinter – but with some preventive maintenance you’ll be able to keep its original beauty around for years!

A smart preventative measure for keeping your deck healthy and looking its best is regular staining. This technique restricts the amount of sunlight that reaches the wood, protecting it from drying out too quickly.

  • Acts as a Barrier – Regular staining can act as your home’s first line of defense against veering water. It strengthens the wood, creating an effective barrier to protect it from damage and moisture-related problems like mold or mildew – which present serious health risks for you and your family.

Water-soaked wood can also be a costly problem if left untreated, as the expansion of wood can result in expensive repair bills.

Revitalize your outdoor space with deck staining! Reduce the need for costly upkeep and repairs while also giving a fresh, new look to your home’s exterior. For more information on available options, contact Treadway’s Lawn Care and Pressure Washing today!